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JDMA Payroll Tax Service

Payroll taxes impact how you run your business, so you can benefit from a tax expert’s advice to navigate complicated issues associated with payroll taxes. JDMA Accounting & Tax helps with business decisions regarding your workforce and how to approach payroll taxes during the fiscal year in metro Atlanta, GA. Our payroll tax service covers a broad range of concerns, including taking payroll tax holdings into account, potential deductions, and opportunities to save money based on taxes paid throughout the year.

Business man using calculator and checking records

What Are Payroll Taxes?

Payroll tax is a concept that can get very complicated. State and local governments may levy your payroll taxes, but you are expected to account for your business’s payroll tax, otherwise known as employment tax. 

Our Payroll Tax Services

Federal Income Tax Withholding

You pay 100 percent of federal income tax out of your employees’ paychecks. This tax is allocated to support various government programs. Owning a business means you must account for the correct income tax withholding amount to stay compliant when the year ends.

Federal Employment

A business owner covers 100 percent of unemployment tax, which is used for unemployment benefits to pay people out of work for a variety of reasons.

Social Security & Medicare

You split Social Security and Medicare taxes between yourself and your employees evenly. Authorities decide these taxes largely based on each employee’s salary and what amount they are withholding. Calculating the amount throughout the year can be difficult, so our professional accountants provide expert guidance on the process.

1099 Preparation

Your best interest is often to ensure partners and contractors you are associated with also stay compliant with payroll tax regulations. Self-employed professionals must cover payroll taxes for the year by paying a certain percentage of their income.

How Can Our Accountants Help?

Our accountants help you calculate your total payroll tax amount due, and we can adjust salaries using this number to optimize your labor numbers for revenue. JDMA Accounting & Tax can handle your payroll taxes. We can keep you compliant and avoid potential audits and penalties by keeping track of you and your employees’ required withholdings.

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