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Corporate Tax Expertise in Metro Atlanta

The corporate tax rate is something that should inform your business decisions throughout the year, highlighting the need for corporate tax planning. This is made even more clear by changes to the tax code contained in the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that, if not adopted fast, can have serious implications on the way you run your business.

A tax expert from JDMA can help keep your business on track when it comes to preparing and filing your corporate tax returns. For a consultation about scheduling corporate tax preparation services, call (678) 765-6772.

What Are Corporate Taxes/Business Taxes?

Corporate tax is the amount of tax levied on a firm by the federal government based on their yearly earnings. The TCJA set the corporate tax rate at 21 percent, paid yearly on March 15. Businesses can apply for an extension until September 15 for their corporate tax due dates for various reasons. Our services with regard to corporate tax and business tax preparation include the following.

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Helping You Understand the Changing Tax Code

The tax reform that went into effect in 2018 is the largest change to the tax code we’ve seen in recent history, and many individuals and businesses are struggling to understand how they’re affected by these changes. With that said, many of the tax cuts levied by this new legislation can benefit businesses when applied and understood the right way. The experts at JDMA can help you and the relevant members of your staff understand the new tax code as it pertains to corporate tax accounting.

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Tax Planning

When you own a business, tax planning should be an endeavor that informs business decisions throughout the fiscal year. JDMA can help you review your business goals and offer insights into how the major decisions you make for your business will affect the amount of corporate tax or business tax you’ll owe. We’ll help you save money in the long run and the short run, and account for the ongoing health of your business. This may include handling accounting and bookkeeping services throughout the year, another one of the services we offer businesses.

Tax Preparation

When it comes time to file your corporate or business taxes, JDMA can help with this as well. If we’ve been handling your books for the year, we can seamlessly use your financial numbers to calculate the amount you owe.

Tax Credits

The new tax code creates ways for businesses to save money on their taxes, as well. From credits for research and development, creating jobs, and retraining employees, JDMA can help your business find ways to save around every corner, creating new opportunities for growth.

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